Photo a Day May: Day 3 {Something You Wore Today}

I'll be the first to admit that since taking a job where I work from home, the daily wardrobe has become sweatpants and sweaters in the winter, and tanks and athletic shorts in the summer. Not extremely interesting, or photographic. But one thing I do wear almost every day is this necklace with two medallions: one with an image of Pope John Paul II, and one with an image of St. Francis of Assisi. Yes, like a lot of children in St. Louis, I did grow up Catholic, but that's not why I wear these.

The original medallions with the same images (which I lost somewhere in California, and replaced with these when the hubs and I went to Italy for our honeymoon), had belonged to my great-aunt, Eileen. She, and her sisters Gloria and Agnes, all my dad's aunts, were pretty much my second, third and fourth grandmothers when my brother and I were growing up. Gloria and Eileen have since passed, but Agnes is still with us, although she resides in New York now. Since moving back to St. Louis, I feel their absence much more than I did on the West Coast, but I know they're watching over us all (and probably commenting on how I still let my hair get out of control). :)

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