Photo a Day May: Day 8 {A Smell You Adore}

Lemons. Wonderfully sweet- and tart-smelling lemons. I can never get enough of their scent. It's also my favorite ingredient to bake with (our smell and taste are connected, you know!). This pile of peels came after I hand-squeezed two big bags of lemons to brew some homemade lemonade. I was exhausted afterward, but our kitchen smelled amazing. I shoved a couple down the garbage disposal so we'd have an air freshener the next time we flipped the switch, and the rest are still hanging out in a bag in my freezer, which means I'll have lots of grated peel to use over the summer. Yum!

1 comment:

  1. Lemon is one of the best scents. Ever. I love that you save all of the lemon shells in the freezer! My husband has given me many a quizzical look upon finding such things in our freezer. I also like to put lemon shells in the utensil caddy of my dishwasher before running it to freshen it up.


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