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Hello, my lovelies! Welcome to another Monday! I know it's a difficult day for most of us, especially if we've just had a great weekend. I had one moment on Saturday where it felt like Sunday, and when I realized we had one more day until Monday, I got so happy!

Did you all do anything special for Mother's Day? We spent it with my mom, grandma, aunts and cousins, eating lunch at my Aunt Mary's place (Hi, Aunt Mary! I know you're reading this because you're my one true "fan".) ;-) Afterward, mom, grandma and I stopped by a thrift store...three generations, all scoring deals...it was so fun.

Speaking of deals...this weekend I found some really great ones. On Friday, I snuck out to an estate sale on my lunch break and came home with a great haul of vintage goodies. Saturday, in between our godson's baseball game and working on my top secret project, I went back to the same sale. Everything was half off that day, and I wanted to see if a couple things were still there. They were (yay!), so I snatched 'em up! I went to one other sale that turned up nothing, and a quick stop at Value Village that turned up a couple things. But, there I go again, blabbing away, when I know y'all just want to see the goods. :)

A glass cosmetic jar with gold specks.

A McCall's sewing book from the '60s and an assortment of recipe books and ktichen
pamphlets (of course).

My favorite find, and I paid a little more than usual, but this 1950s Peggy Hunt
dress is so beautiful. Great for summer cocktail parties, or even a wedding dress.

I mean...this dress is GORGEOUS!

A set of aluminum coasters with a rose in the middle.

Two funky floral fabric napkins.

More crewel artwork! This is a rather large one, and I love the colors.

A set of appetizer forks in green, purple, cream and pink.

A really lovely '80s/'90s black sequin dress. Love the see-through fabric along
the shoulders. Could be a great "taking the sleeves off" project to update it a bit.

A set of 8 fabric napkins with colorful borders.

A set of 9 floral iced tea glasses that would be great for summer entertaining.

Two metal tins with knob lids and handles. Great for gift-giving!

Kind of in love with this serving set. That shade of pinkish-red is delicious.

A Lane end table that matches our two-tier set (and coffee table). Was in rough shape, but mom helped
me clean it up. Other than some scratches, she looks good as new!

And this one has a shelf on the bottom, which I love.

A beautifully done crewel pillow. So spring-y and cheery!

A load of vintage paper doilies and one package of place mats!

A jewelry box just like the one I thrifted months ago.
I'm slowly replacing my jewelry that was stolen during the burglary.

A pink-and-white gingham apron.

A 1970s white cotton summer dress with a lace pattern. Based on its fit on Esmeralda, I'd say it's a 16/18.

A red travel bag, perfect for that weekend trip.

A cheese knife/cake server with a silver handle (that needs some polishing!).

A set of white Tupperware from the '70s that my grandma spotted and kindly bought for me.

A wonderfully 1980s sweater to keep you warm in the winter months. :)

A roll of vintage wrapping paper.

A 1960s baby doll night gown in blue and aqua...

And with the house coat...

I know I'm going to seem crazy, but I have been looking for a night gown set like this for a while, and this one fits perfectly. So if you ever come over around my bedtime, don't be surprised to see me lounging in this, but do feel free to giggle a bit. :)

Now...what about you? Any good finds this weekend?

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  1. I love that wrapping paper and the vibrant blues of the babydoll set! Great finds!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I love the blues, too. And luckily, it's one of the colors that goes well with pale brown-haired ladies like me. :)

  2. Great finds! I especially love the crewel work, the beautiful lacy dress, and the bright red overnight bag.

    1. Thanks, Bridget! I agree, those are some of my favs, too! :)

  3. So many cool and cute things! That dress is TRULY gorgeous. I also especially like the vintage nightie set and the crewel pillow!

    1. Thanks, Marty! I do love that dress. I'm SO sad the dress isn't my size. It would be the diamond in my collection.

  4. Great finds! My grandma used a metal tin with the black bacground as a crayon container as long as I can remember. It didn't have the lid or handle so it's fun to see what it was.

    1. Hey Sarah! No way! It's always so fun to see something from your childhood, isn't it? Especially if you find out something new about it. How fun.

  5. Love the tins, we had one like the lighter colored one but without a handle. That table is so cool!

    1. Thanks, Margarget! I was SO excited to find the table. Got it for $9, and the mid-century store around here sells pieces from this set for $280 a piece (yikes!). I'll gladly pay less to have a couple hardly noticeable scratches.

  6. Oh that ivory dress is stunning! Such a beautiful find. And I'm so glad to see crewelwork on a blog I admire. I've been snapping it up when I find it for awhile now, and I just put my entire collection into my booth at Kenrick, so I'm desperately hoping other people like it as much as I do, otherwise I won't have any wall space in my booth forevermore! :)

    1. Hey Kim! I'm sure we're not the only ones who love crewel! I'd cram as much as possible in that booth. :) How is it going, by the way? I still need to stop by and check it out...

    2. I've been just breaking even so far, but May is the month where all that changes. This coming Saturday they're hosting a huge flea market in the parking lot, and I have crammed my booth super-de-duper full and will have everything in it 25% off for the weekend. Vintage clothing has been disappointing in terms of sales, so I'm especially hoping the flea market will attract a fashionista or two. How is your online store going? It's so gorgeous!

  7. You did AWESOME this weekend. We are the midst of moving, so I only bought two things. I can't even decide which is my favorite - though the blue crewel artwork is amazing!!!

    1. Thanks, lady! I remember the days of moving, and how terribly difficult it is to not go thrifting during it! Although I think I did, much to my husband's dismay. We rented a U-Haul and I justified what I brought home by saying we could just stuff it in there...ha.

  8. Wow to the Peggy Hunt dress - it is sooo pretty.

    1. Thanks, Samantha! I knew I couldn't pass it up...hopefully it will find a home that loves it as much as I do! :)

  9. Kind of new here - so I'm not sure if this was a typical haul for you or not....but WOW, anyway!

    I like so much of it - but my eye really went to the blue & green crewel piece. It would fit quite nicely into the dining area of our kitchen! And if you're looking to give away those tins, they'd feel right at home in my collection - many of which are displayed above my kitchen cabinets :)


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