Style Spots: The Indy Way

Hello, hello! How is your week going? Mine has been filled with catching up on life since our weekend trip. It's crazy how being gone for four days can leave a pile of to-dos waiting for you at home. But I won't bore you with that; let's talk about thrifting in Indianapolis instead!

As I mentioned yesterday, the hubs, being the kindhearted man that he is, allowed me three thrift stores on HIS birthday trip (whatta man!). The first stop was Terre Haute, which is just south of Indy, and I sneaked into a Goodwill there for what was suppose to be 20 minutes, but turned into an hour (oops!). Here's what I picked up there...

A red, white and blue straw clutch, for sale.

Two wallets, one a lovely mustard yellow, the other a red faux snakeskin pattern, both for sale.

I love, love, love the texture of this dress. Vintage size 18, for sale.

This and the next dress seem like good candidates for going sleeveless.
Love the color and lace detail of this one, for sale.

Love the gingham pattern on this one (and the ruffles), also for sale.

This '70s cream dress has a really fun back (for sale).

Front (for sale).

I also found a whole bolt of this gorgeous vintage black, mustard and gray fabric.

On Sunday, the hubs allowed me a little jaunt to the Goodwill in Indy before we went to the Heat/Pacers playoff game. Here's what I found there...

Totally '90s, but I like the pattern. :)

This is a vintage handmade dress for an itty-bitty person.
Wouldn't even fit on Esmeralda!

And on the way home, we stopped at the other Goodwill in Terre Haute, which turned up some gems...

Another nightie! :)

My favorite find, this cream and teal maxi dress. So pretty (and for sale).

A beautiful etched glass plate/cup set from the '50s, for sale.

And a set of four yellow and orange color block glasses, for sale.

One thing I noticed about the Goodwills there was the housewares sections were tucked in the back in a separate room, so the first one I went into, I assumed they didn't sell housewares until I stumbled upon the entrance on my way to the fitting room (here the stores have everything in one big room). All three looked like they were older, so it was interesting to see that setup, which I hadn't before. The big plus was this meant they had tons and tons of clothes, with the men's section rivaling the women's for once. Or maybe there are just more men up north? :)

How about you? Find anything good this weekend?

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  1. You found some really great pieces, but I'm absolutely dying over that straw clutch. I might have to have it!

  2. oh gosh, I love the colors of those colorblock glasses and wish I could have ALL of the clothes you found!! Great taste!


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