Style Spots: Meet Me at The Village

Hey my lovelies! I am SO sorry that the blog has been so scattered this week. I think I'm still catching up on life after our trip to Indianapolis, plus this past weekend I had that extra day off on Monday, then we're leaving tomorrow to visit my brother and sis-in-law in Omaha and help them move into their new house and see that baby bump! Their little one is due on my birthday, so my fingers are crossed for that rare pregnancy where it happens on the delivery date. :)

But I digress...this past weekend we did some major hanging out with friends, which is one thing I'm happy to sacrificing some thrifting for, so I popped into a couple Value Villages later in the day on Monday to see if I could scare anything up. I found a couple vintage things, plus some cardigans for me, but not an overwhelmingly big haul. Want to see?

A wonderfully 90s purple high-waist skirt that actually fits me, so it's a keeper.

A cute little leather purse, for sale.

A vintage Lane Bryant dress, brown with white polka dots and a matching belt, for sale.

A vintage moo-moo! I think I might keep it and it will become my new work uniform. :)

Finally found some vintage sheets that fit the bed in the guest room.

A lightweight cream cardigan.

A cute little red cardigan from Target originally.

And two Vera fabric napkins.

How about you? Did you find time during the holiday weekend to get your thrift on?


  1. LOVE!!! the polka dot Lane Bryant dress. What size is it, and when do you plan on putting it in the store? If the size is right, I'd be interested. :) PS LOVE your blog :):)

    1. Hey! Thanks for the blog love! I will measure the dress tonight and post the results. If you end up wanting it, we can do a behind-the-scenes transaction through PayPal. :)

    2. Okay...SO sorry this took so long. This past week/weekend was nuts. Here are the measurements:

      Bust: 41"
      Waist: 33"
      Hips: 49" (full)
      Length: 42" from shoulder to bottom hem
      Shoulder to shoulder: 15.5"
      Sleeve length: 24.5"

      Email me if you need more info or want to buy it! :)

  2. Do you have the muu-muu pinned, or does it really have such a cute shape?

  3. I really love the purple skirt and I bet it will look fantastic on you!


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