Sustainble Style: Blisscraft & Brazen

It's been a while since I've done a Sustainable Style post, mostly because I felt like I kept finding different versions of the same things. So I decided to take it off the weekly features list and only post about something that I really fall head-over-heels for, whether it's the product or the cause. And today's is all about the product.

Aaron and Rachel, owners and artist behind Blisscraft & Brazen, are two people after my own heart: They make gorgeous pieces for the home from reclaimed wood and metal (I love a good repurposing of things) and they quote Journey in their shop description, which is my favorite band. (I might have walked down the aisle to a string quartet version of "Don't Stop Believin".) :)

But sustainability goes far behind their products and deep into their lives. According to their website, "We aim to live lives that have as small an ecological footprint as possible: We bike, we work from home so we don’t commute, we have an organic vegetable garden and we compost. We use lots of hand tools and look forward to the day we run our house entirely off the grid. We believe you can make beautiful things and have beautiful homes without adding to landfills and carbon emissions."

SO inspiring to see two people achieving such a lifestyle!

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  1. Thanks for featuring Blisscraft & Brazen. Love their commitment...and love their style!


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