Shacking Up With the Styleses {Little Updates}

Last week I started a summer cleaning purge of the house, rifling through closet and drawers to extract things that we just haven't used or don't need anymore. And it always feels so good to get rid of the excess, doesn't it? I found a new home for my Butterfly Gold dinnerware set, I have bags of clothes ready for the swap on Saturday, and the rest is going to be donated.

Perhaps the only person that gets nervous when all this happens is the hubs, who, after two years of living with me, knows a cleaning storm like this usually involves a little redecorating as well, which means he'd better get out his hammer. And how right he is. :) Here are some little changes we made a couple nights ago...

Finally got out my new vintage tablecloth, thrifted by my mom and generously given to me. :)

Hung the bundt pans from this DIY...

And created some mood lighting on the back porch with two vintage wooden bird cages, the frame of an old Japanese lantern and some twinkle lights.

I love how everything turned out...it's always so refreshing to bring to life things that have been trapped in your mind for so long. :) Any of you been doing some redecorating lately?


  1. Wow, I really like your mood lighting. It is lovely!

  2. Love your color choices! Lately I have been gathering items for our little one's nursery, Vintage toys and fun little pieces of furniture!

  3. Very cute, I love vintage linens.


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