Snapshots From Austin

In true me fashion, I mostly remembered to take photos when it was related to food...oops! :)

Due to some crazy weather in Minnesota, we had to be put on another flight that went to Chicago, and then switched planes for a direct from Chicago to Austin (backwards, I know), so we didn't get to the hubs's sister's place until after midnight. I immediately crawled into bed and started some mindless reading. Jodi is always a good choice for me when I'm busy...

Saturday I went thrifting with my sis-in-law. We were apparently very excited about it.

St. Vincent was right by the big parking lot that houses a lot of food trucks. I've been wanting to try Hey Cupcake! for a while now (especially because they're in an Airstream...).

John Lemmon cupcake...'twas delish.

That night we ate at Torchy's for dinner. I had a fried portabello taco (on the left) and a fried avocado taco. Both were really tasty, but the mushroom was my fav.

Sunday afternoon we all gathered at Homeslice Pizza for lunch. They didn't open until noon that day, so people were lined up waiting to get in. I guess that's always a good sign, right?

The back patio had these beautiful black-and-white umbrellas that I wanted to steal.

There was also this cool Plexiglas wall on the far end.

On Monday, the hubs decided he wanted barbecue, which his parents picked up from a local place. I made a barbecue tempeh sandwich for myself that was really tasty. I used this recipe, complete with homemade sauce, and put it on a ciabatta roll. Definitely a keeper for the summer months ahead.

And this, my friends, is just a taste of all the fun we had this weekend. Can't wait to go back this fall to meet our little niece!

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  1. Yay! You went to Torchy's! They are yummy! 'Hey Cupcake' is soooo good, too. Sounds like you had better luck with food than thrifting. I haven't found any great deals in Austin yet, but if I do I will let you know.


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