St. Louis Clothing Swap, Take Two

Hey all! Just wanted to pop in and encourage the ladies in the St. Louis area to sign up for the next St. Louis Clothing Swap event, which is this Saturday from 2-4 p.m. Our first one was a great success, and now it's time to get down and swappy for the summer! I have a couple big bags of clothing and accessories I'm hauling there, and since our group has grown leaps and bounds in the past three months (yipee!), you can plan on at least 34 other ladies doing the same. (Now picture 35 women bringing bags of clothes, shoes, purses, jewlery, etc. A pretty sight, right?)

So come on out and join the fun! The space is air conditioned, the company is lovely, the snacks will be tasty and the music will be jammin'. Plus, I know you have some clothes in that closet you haven't worn in a while (I mean, let's be honest...).

For all the details and to RSVP (by Friday...so only three more days!), head over to the Meetup.com page and check it out! Hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. so Beth, how does this all run? I'd like to do this here in Alaska BUT I'm not exactly sure how it works. Do you get a ticket for each item brought? Or is it free for all? any info is appreciated and you could just email me at jinxyjune AT gmail DOT com thanks!



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