Style Spot: South Congress Way

Style Spots on a Wednesday? Bold...I know. :) But I only went on one thrifting adventure this weekend that turned up one thing, so I thought it could wait until I was home and had my camera available.

Sunday afternoon, my sis-in-law Molly and I went to the St. Vincent de Paul on South Congress in Austin, followed by a huge Salvation Army about 10 minutes from there. The former seemed like a great place to go for clothing, but all the really cute stuff was put in the boutique area at the front, and the dresses were $10 up to $25, which I know isn't horrendous, but definitely not what I'm used to.

I tried on a couple things and ended up putting them back since I'm trying to be more selective on my thrifting adventures, but I did pick up a set of six cut glass berry bowls in the housewares section for $1.50. As much as I love the Butterfly Gold pattern I've collected for our everyday dishes, I think I'm slowly going to change them out for a more eclectic collection, and these bowls fit right into that plan.

The Salvation Army was definitely impressive as far as size, and the furniture section looked like something out of a showroom, but overall, I was really surprised at the prices (I found a dress that was NWT for $35!), and just ended up buying some shirts and a pair of swim trunks for the hubs that were 50% off (only the trunks fit though...oh well!) and a yellow/orange moo-moo-like dress for me to lounge around in at home (definitely nothing worth taking a photo over).

So in the end, it was an okay thrifting day. Definitely not the worst I've had (remember when I thrifted in NY? Those prices were crazy!), but far from the best, and certainly not as good as my Dallas adventure this past Christmas. Luckily, now that the hubs's parents have moved to Austin, I'll have many more opportunities to see what else is around. We'll be back in September to meet our new niece, and again in November, so if any of you have recommendations, let's here 'em! :)


  1. Ooooooh! Those are exactly like my grandma's bowls that my cousin's wife snatched out from under my nose when grandma moved into a nursing home.

  2. Down on So-Co, the prices at thrift stores tend to be a little higher. You're better off hitting the bigger stores in North or South Austin. Thrift Town, Savers and the Goodwill Blue Hanger are some of my favorites!


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