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Happy, happy Wednesday my dears! How has this week been for you thus far? I feel like I can't catch a breath these days, which is good in a sense. I thrive off a long to-do list (there is nothing like crossing something off and seeing a list of thick lines where once there were words!), but I also tend to get so focused on said list that my social life suffers. So if I haven't seen you in a while, or missed an event lately, I am sorry. :-(

I've been really proud of myself lately when it comes to thrifting; I promised to thrift a bit more lightly, so I haven't been treasure hunting near as much as usual. But this weekend I stopped by Value Village while running some errands, and found three things I couldn't pass up...

A beautiful hot air balloon picture made from thread, for sale.

And two pieces of stainless steel cookware! The little one is the Taste of Home Entertaining brand,
and the big one is wait for it... ALL-CLAD! Aahhhh!

I usually don't brag about how much I got something for, but I just have to today. I got both pieces for $6, and if any of you know how expensive All-Clad is, then, well, you'll know how excited I am!

The hubs and I have come to prefer cooking with stainless steel, much to the dismay of our nonstick set (which we still use...sometimes...). My parents got us an All-Clad saute pan for our first anniversary, and last year I found a stainless steel Martha Stewart saucepan. Now we've got two more saute pans, and I'm a happy girl! :)

Okay...your turn! What goodies did you dig up this weekend?

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  1. I love the whimsical hot air balloons! Very cute.

    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!


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