The Thrifted Kitchen {Mr. and Mrs. Pie}

Whew. Well, let me tell you something: I...am...beat. This week has been an incredible flurry of activity, and it's gonna keep going (but in a fun way). The hubs and I are headed to Austin this afternoon for a weekend of celebrations: a baby shower for my sister-in-law and our soon-to-arrive niece; Father's Day; and the hubs's official birthday on Monday (we're going canoeing with his parents).

This will be our first trip to visit his family since his parents moved to Austin, which, I have to say, I'm pretty excited about. I mean Dallas was great (lots of great thrifting), but Austin is, well, Austin, and I can't wait to get to know it better. :)

So before I hop on that plane, I wanted to share an easy-peasy dessert from Betty Crocker's Good and Easy Cookbook from 1954. It's so simple and customizable that I can't imagine one of you not liking it (unless you don't like pudding, in which case we just can't be friends...I kid (no, really...).

It's called Mr. and Mrs. Pie, and the basic idea is inserting a piece of cardboard in the middle of a pie crust, then filling each side with the Mr.'s favorite flavors, and the other with the Mrs.'s. (Needless to say, the title is also customizable, but we are talking the 1950s, my dears...)

The hubs chose to have lemon pudding pie on his side, which I layered with raspberries according to this recipe from Kraft. On my side was a base of melted chocolate mixed with whipped cream, topped with banana slices, then French vanilla pudding mixed with Nutella and more whipped cream (recipe can be found here). Just half the recipe since you're only making half a pie.

To divide it, I used a piece of cardboard from a shipping box, but it left a big gap in the middle, so you might want to try something like a piece of card stock in yours, which is thick enough to stand up, but should leave a much thinner line.

So to recap...

1. Make your own pie crust or buy your favorite ready-made (I used the Oreo crust).

2. Place a pie of card stock/thing cardboard in the middle of the crust.

3. Make half of two of your favorite pudding pie recipes and put each recipe on one side of the card stock.

4. Chill for about 3 hours.

5. Pull the cardboard out and serve!

Which flavors do you think you'll try together?


  1. Maybe just lemon and vanilla? I like those rasberries, but I bet blackberries on top would be BETTER! And I'm gonna use a graham cracker crust for sure! Yowzas!

  2. Looks sooo delicious! I'll take a slice of the "Mrs." please :)

    1. A girl after my own heart. Where would we be without chocolate? :)

  3. This is perfect for us. I'm a chocoholic and the hubby prefers more citrusy desserts.


    1. Same here! It's so simple I wonder why I never thought of doing this before...


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