Come See Holly @ Soulard!

Hello, my lovelies! Are you ready for the weekend (albeit another very hot one)?? I most certainly am, especially because it's my first time selling at the Soulard Market Park Arts & Crafts Show (yay!). Holly and I will be somewhere near the "food" end, so once you satiate your tummy, come on over and feed your craving for vintage, as well as loads of amazing handmade goods crafted by some very talented people.

I've been thrifting the past couple nights and have some great stuff to add to Holly, including a little baby/kids section with vintage clothes. I've been collecting pieces for the little ones over the past month or so, and I think I finally have enough to start selling. So if you're expecting, or just had a little babe, be sure and stop by to check out the selection!

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