Style Spots: Back in the Game

Up until this past Sunday, I can't tell you the last time I went to an estate sale. Thrift stores? Yes. But for I guess about a month there, I was spending most weekend hours finishing up Holly, and the past two showing her off around town. This Saturday, I was at the Soulard Market Park Arts and Crafts Fair, which I loved for two main reasons: 1) It's in Soulard, which is a beautifully historic part of the city; and 2) I got to park under a tree, so for once it was actually cooler in the trailer than outside, which makes for a happy Beth (otherwise watch out, it's cranky pants time).

The show was over by 2 p.m., and I played around in my head with the idea of going to some estate sales, and then remembered I had only slept about four hours, so the hubs and I grabbed lunch at Schlafly after dropping Holly off, then crashed at home, taking a four-hour nap and waking up around 8:30 p.m. (whoops!).

But it actually turned out well, because I got up early on Sunday, which means my sleeping schedule was still intact, and I headed to a couple estate sales before running some errands. Both were in South City off Hampton, and the first one turned up these little gems...

Vintage patent black purse.

Some '60s appetizer forks.

Set of cut-glass appetizer plates that will be replacing a set of Anthropologie ones
I got a few years ago.

A handmade crochet poncho, for sale.

A vintage blue pencil skirt, vintage size 14, for sale.

I realized when taking these pictures that Esmeralda is in the trailer, so until I remember to take things there over the weekend to photograph them, you're stuck looking at hanger pics. :)

The second sale was a bit more picked over, but I did walk out with two things...

Another Flameware double boiler (yay!). This one is even bigger than I one I picked up some months ago.

And some silverplate salad tongs...

With a really pretty pattern pressed into it.

Earlier last week, I did some post-work thrifting at Value Village and a Goodwill. I found lots of cute vintage linens to sell in the trailer, but unfortunately that's where they are, so no pictures. But I did still have some of the vintage baby clothes I've been picking up (all for sale, by the way).

Love the red polka dots in this one.

A vintage Diane von Furstenberg girls dress (what??).

I tried to research it, but couldn't find anything about children's clothes made by
her except the recent line she did for Gap. Anyone know anything about this one?

Little romper set with yellow gingham.
I added them into a little children's section in the trailer, so if you have a little one on the way, come by sometime and check them out!

I also found these pillows...

And a new coffee table!

A wonderfully '60s rattan one, with four triangle seats that pull out.

And the fabric is in gorgeous condition!

All this means that our old coffee table set is for sale. It's a three-piece vintage Lane set, the Acclaim line, that we picked up last year.

The stuff that looks like discoloration is actually dust....I'm not a good housekeeper (haha).

It's in good condition, but has some minor wear on the edges and a glass ring on one end table (all from the previous owners), so we're pricing it as such, at $250. If you're in the area and you're interested, just shoot me an email! I'll be putting it on Craigslist later today.

What about you? Find any goodies this past week?

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  1. Gorgeous finds! The NY Times Sunday Style section did a piece on the history of designer children's clothing a few weeks back, I think they mentioned DVF...worth checking out for leads. If only I had a little girl: that dress is beyond sweet.

  2. So many good finds! I'd love to have a cocktail party with those forks. :)

  3. I've been finding so many pieces of cute, vintage baby clothes at our Goodwill lately! I love that yellow gingham outfit, too cute! Your new coffee table is amazing! Great finds!


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