Style Spots: You Can't Beat the Heat

Good God in heaven...it's been HOT here. Last week we saw temperatures above 100 degrees for about five consecutive days, reaching 108 (but feeling like 114, thanks to the humidity) at one point. It's days like these I hardly leave the house, and I debated back and forth in my mind for a long time on Saturday about going to any estate sales or thrift stores. Eventually, the thrifty side of my brain trumped the side that knows how crabby I get when I'm hot, and met in the middle with two estate sales and a thrift store.

On the way to the first one, however, our truck ran out of gas (awesome), and I got stuck in an area of town that you don't really want to be stuck in. The hubs came to my rescue in a timely fashion, though, and used his work van to push me to the nearest gas station...where there were no pumps open on the side I needed (cue second "awesome"). So hubs had to get out and push the truck back and forth while I turned the wheel so we could get on the right side of the pump and, afterward, I thought maybe the thrifting gods were telling me to just go home...but I didn't...and I'm glad I didn't.

Once I finally made my way to the first sale in South County, I found these grayish-blue purses...

These vintage cook booklets and one cookbook...

And a set of 6 clear cut-glass stemmed glasses...

The second sale turned up nothing, but I did get to walk around a gorgeous house in University City. To me, that's always part of the fun of estate sales as well, getting to see inside some beautiful buildings that you wouldn't get to otherwise.

While I was in the area, I stopped by the Goodwill on Olive, which is quickly becoming my favorite. I don't think I've ever left here empty-handed, and it always gets a ton of great Target stuff. Here's what I brought home...

Two vintage Pyrex dishes...

A really lovely vintage cocktail dress...

With a cute double-bow waist...

Four of the little cut-glass glasses to add to the few I have at home.

A fun color-block vintage skirt in primary colors...great for the summer if you're interested! :)

And a brand new beachy bag originally from Target that I actually had my eye on when it was there. Glad I waited!

How about you? Dig up any goodies this weekend?

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  1. Great finds.
    Love the Pyrex.

  2. Ah I'm sorry you had so much misfortune before your thrifting, but at least you made up for it with lots of great finds! That Pyrex! And I'm in love with that cocktail dress.

    Sometimes, I get as excited about seeing Target stuff as I do seeing vintage things haha.

    1. I know, right? Makes it so difficult to shop Target full price...and the cocktail dress is pretty, isn't it? Love the bow waistband...

  3. The skirt looks great, but I guess it is not my size. Thanks for sharing your finds.

    1. Hey Steph! It might be! It's pinned on the mannequin so it will stay up, so it's bigger than it looks. What size do you need?

  4. Love the skirt!


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