Vintage Love :: Melody Miller Viewfinder Fabric

Let me let you in on the methodology of how I find the random things I end up posting on here. When it comes to things like these new Vintage Love posts, I usually just search for something specific that pops into my head to see what kinds of fun it retrieves. And that's it. (Pretty scientific, huh?)

This week, I saw a picture on Pinterest of an old toy viewfinder (which we all had at some point), and decided I'd do a little Etsy search to see what came up. To my delight, it was this really fun, modern Melody Miller fabric that I remember seeing ages ago and completely forgot about. And it has been used to create some cute things!

Ruffled-sleeve dress by Belly of a Whale

Pillow cover by Allihoppa

Clutch bag by Octopurse (15% off through end of July!)

Wallet by Faith on Earth

Cosmetic pouch by Octopurse (also 15% off!)

Isn't that little girl the cutest? :)

What kind of viewfinder memories do you have?


  1. That's what it's called! I loved that toy! My little sister had a little mermaid one. So fun clicking through the images. They don't make toys like that anymore. LOVE all the things made w/ the fabric! So cute.

  2. Lots of Mickey Mouse images went through my view finder! I'd get so upset when the little film pics would accidentally pop out.


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