DIY Friday

Last night I did something that's had me filled with dread for months and months. That thing that's always nagging you in the back of your mind but you just keep pushing it aside, like sweeping cookie crumbs under the rug.

That's right: I opened my Google Reader.

I will give Google credit though, for politely capping the number of unread posts at 1,000+ (I'm sure mine was more in the multiple thousands), which made the sight a bit more bearable. I thought for a split second of scrolling through the expanded version quickly since I usually don't read anything that doesn't have a picture to catch my eye, and then I realized I'd like to actually go to bed before the sun came up. So I hit the "easy" button of blogging and just marked them all as "read," but not before I pulled some DIYs I thought you might like to see...

1. DIY Glitter Vases by The Sweetest Occasion
2. Paint-By-Numbers Pillow by A Beautiful Mess
3. Home Made Wrap Skirt by Smile and Wave
4. Paper Heart Wall by Honeybee Vintage
5. Three-Step Modern Clock by Agus via DesignSponge

Hope this inspires you to create this weekend! :)


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