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It's not often I find myself on blogs that aren't written in English. And, to be honest, I don't really remember how I ended up on this one (I'm going to guess Pinterest, since that's usually how the endless clicking around begins...). But there I was...on a blog called NabeFabric, staring at some pretty packaging...but having no idea what was being said about it. Then I saw a bar at the bottom of the post and clicked it, and a PDF downloaded with a printable of what I was just looking at.

"Oh!" I said. "It's a freebie! Yay!"

And then my dog looked at me, annoyed that she had to pretend to listen, as she is my dutiful "co-worker" five days a week.

Sorry, Sadie. I know it's hard.

But back to the beauty at hand. After I translated the page, I learned that this is a pouch you print to stuff with goodies for guests. Some of you might be saying, "duh," given that it's placed on a plate and at least most Americans knows what "merci" means. But you never know...it always pays to do thorough research. :)

Lastly, can I just say how much I love that font that "Merci" is in? Gorgeous. Any designers out there happen to know which one it is?

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