Friday Flair

Jean jacket :: thrifted
Black Target tie-waist tank :: thrifted at Goodwill
Fuchsia skinny pants :: Target
Black Target sandals :: thrifted
Necklaces :: thrifted
Bracelets :: borrowed from my sis-in-law :)

Happy, happy Friday, my dears! I'm posting to you from the cornfields of Omaha today, thus the lush greenery all around me and my skinny pants. :) My parents and I drove up yesterday to meet my brother and his wife's first baby, little Nora, and we're just soaking in all 4 pounds of her sweetness through Sunday.

Yesterday, we ran some errands at Target, and I saw they finally got some of their colorful skinny jeans back in stock. I've been avoiding them for a while, mostly because I'm still not convinced that ladies with curves can pull them off, but then I saw my curvy cousin wearing a pair from The Limited and she looked so cute, so I thought I'd take the plunge and give 'em a go. I mean...who can resist a bright fuchsia, right?

But the real purpose of this week's outfit is the fabulous jean jacket I found in Union, Mo., last weekend. I got this baby for $6, and it's in brand new condition. Now we just need fall to get here and I can proceed to wear it like a toddler carries around its baby blanket. :)

Okay...well we're off to ogle Nora some more. Have a fantabulous flair-y weekend!


  1. you've inspired me to try skinny's...UGH, i'm not sure but HELLO, you look amazing...<3

  2. Haha...thank you, Jackie! It takes a little getting used to, I must say. Perhaps I'll be more comfortable once I can where them with sweaters in the fall? :)


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