Style Spots: Small-Town Treasures

Happy Tuesday, all! How was your weekend? I'm still recovering from mine, which was packed with a show in Soulard on Saturday; running out of gas while towing the trailer back (a real treat); a drive to KC to see my girls and celebrate the upcoming arrival of our friend's baby; one very late night catching up on life; delicious brunch on Sunday morning; and a drive back to the Lou with a stop at Mizzou in between.

The real adventure, though, was getting from I-70 into Kearney. My Google Maps betrayed me in a major way, and instead of taking me through the major highways, it had veer off 70 onto all these back roads and small towns...in the rain...and the windshield wipers wouldn't cooperate...and all the locals were annoyed at how slow I was driving. I started to get a wee bit worried once the girls started calling and asking if I'd gotten on such and such highway yet, and I hadn't even seen that highway. But, by the grace of God, I made it there, and the whole experience has now been dubbed "getting in a Beth situation." :)

With all this madness on Saturday and Sunday, Friday became the only day for me to thrift, and that morning I made a trip to Gerald, Mo., to buy a whole set of Sheffield Golden Meadow dishes. Some months ago, I received an email from the secretary of a church there, telling me they had come across my blog post about Golden Meadow, and that they had a whole set of it that was donated for their rummage sale. They said they'd love for it to go to someone who would give it a good home, and if I was interested, I could come out before the sale to check it and out buy whatever pieces I wanted.

I was absolutely elated when I got there: all this Golden Meadow sprawled across the table, including the butter dish, gravy boat, the coffee pot and the cream and sugar dishes. I ended up buying every single piece, and now have a close-to-complete set for our everyday usage, nestled safely in the cupboards. I have loved this pattern since the day I thrifted a platter of it almost 5 years ago, and I know it will be one we keep for good.

Before leaving, I asked the ladies about any other thrift or resale stores I might find on the way home. They directed me toward one just a couple blocks away where I found some vintage baby clothes, a dress, two vintage shirts, a craft book, some glass beads and some vintage wrapping paper. It just so happened that all the clothing you could fit into a bag was $1 that day, so I got everything for a couple bucks. The shirts and dress are already in the trailer, though, so I don't have a photo of them. Sorry. :(

Then, on the way out of town, I passed an outdoor thrift store of sorts that had tables piled with things. I ended up buying a clear set of Anchor Hocking bowls that I'd never seen before. To me they look like prep bowls, but I wonder if they were made for a different purpose? Anyone know?

Once I got to Union, I stopped at a resale shop that was really impressive. It was all clothing and accessories, and there wasn't really any vintage, but they had really good current brands, and it was exceptionally organized (by size, even). They too were having a sale (all clothing was 30% off), and I found a brand new jean jacket that I got for $6 (which I'll model for you this Friday).

So not a huge haul this weekend, but it was fun to find new places to shop. I've been wanting to explore the smaller towns outside St. Louis more often, and this was the perfect opportunity for it!

While I was at the church, I had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of the items for the rummage sale, and there were three large rooms packed with stuff! I think it's going to be a gem, so if you're in the area or feel like making the trip, it starts this Thursday at St. Paul's UCC Church at 5th and Main in Gerald. I'm not sure about the times, but you can call 573-764-2636 for more information!


  1. That Golden Meadow set is such a find! So beautiful and a tonne of it! You're very lucky x

  2. I spotted an almost complete set of Golden Meadow at an estate sale and am kicking myself for not purchasing! There was a huge spider living inside of the teacup...maybe that's what deterred me :)
    Love your blog...now following you!


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