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Friday nights are an exciting time for me. Right before bed, I pull out the iPad and search EstateSales.net for any goodies I might want to try and get my hands on over the weekend. Usually I'll pick up to four or five sales, plot my route and wake up early to get there before everything good is picked up. This past weekend, however, I didn't see one sale at which I wanted to try my luck. Suddenly my Saturday looked overwhelmingly open...what to do? Chores? Someone overdue projects? Laundry? Heck no! You head to the thrift stores! :)

I hadn't been up north in quite a while, so I decided I'd head to Unique Thrift on St. Charles Rock Road, then St. Vincent in Ferguson, Value Village in Florissant and maybe one more if I had time. Right as I was getting ready, my mom calls to see if I'm headed out anywhere, so I invited her along since she hadn't been to any of these stores yet. We met in the middle between our homes and then went on our way.

The first stop was Unique Thrift, which, if you haven't been, is huge. They don't have a ton in terms of furniture, but they do have lots of wares and tons of clothing. Plus everything is really well organized, so I hardly ever leave empty-handed. And this trip was no exception. Here's what I got there...

Two Pyrex mixing bowls...I remember the first time I saw this kind, I thought someone had
painted some clear ones, but that's how Pyrex made them!

Cute little vintage gingham romper.

A vintage slip to give your dresses/skirts some volume!

A clear cut glass pitcher (that's really heavy).

A set of Vera Neumann napkins (front) and some more mod ones in the back.

A baby blue polyester little girls dress.

After that, we went to a thrift across the street I'd never been to. I didn't find anything there, so no photos. After that, we went to St. Vincent in Ferguson off Florissant Ave. This is where we got our Lane coffee table/end tables set back when we first moved to St. Louis, and I hadn't been back since. I spent the first 10 minutes in the wares, and then I found my mom back by the luggage, holding this...

It's in pretty much brand new condition, and she was so excited to have spotted it! I attempted to barter it away from her for the first few minutes, and kind of pouted a bit, if I'm honest, but then I remembered I have a perfectly good vintage set at home. Plus, I just sold the small version of this suitcase some weeks ago, so I stopped trying to guilt trip her about it. :) But it is beautiful...

I found a couple things as well...

A gray/blue Sears travel bag.

A really cute striped cotton skirt.

I also found another skirt and an amazing black sheath dress, but they both happen to fit me, so I'm going to (finally) take some photos of me in them for some outfit posts that I've been promising and failing to deliver. :) So be sure to come back on Friday for my modeling adventures...haha.

After St. Vincent, we went to the Value Village in Florissant, where I only found a couple things...

Vintage little girls red velvet dress.

A maroon terry-cloth dress.

Then we started to head home, but passed a Goodwill on Lindbergh along the way, so we stopped in there, too. Here's what I scooped up:

A super '60s vintage NWT maxi skirt.

A vintage NWT long-sleeve shirt with tie waist.

Adorable little gingham duck dress.

A blue cotton skirt with rope-tie waist.

A tan suede handbag.

And an aqua dress with tie waist and white piping.

Sunday I headed out to Chesterfield, where there are a ton of Goodwills. I don't ever go for vintage (because there isn't much), but I do go for clothes, especially Target stuff. They always have lots of it out there, and I came home with a couple cardigans, a dress, and some tops, all of which I'll share on Friday!

Now it's YOUR turn! What goodies did you thrift this weekend?

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  1. Just discovered your blog recently and I love it! y family had that plaid luggage when I was growing up. I loved it and it was always so easy to spot our suitcases in a sea of black. Wish I still had it...

    1. Hey Kristine! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Isn't that plaid so pretty?? Using vintage luggage nowadays definitely helps when it's time to claim it from the luggage carousel. Who knows? Maybe you'll come across some while out and about and relive those childhood memories! :)

  2. I love that slip! Also, Salvation Army has a brand new location in Florissant on Lindbergh near New Halls Ferry.


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