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Today was one of those mornings where dragging yourself out of bed just, well, sucks. I got home last night around 10 p.m. from an amazing trip up to Omaha to meet my new niece, Nora. I'm sure you'll be seeing lots of pics of her from here on out, because I am absolutely smitten. :) Both she and her mama are doing great, and her daddy, you can tell, is head over heels for her, and already becoming quite protective of his little girl, which is really cute to see.

We spent a good portion of time at the hospital on Thursday and Friday, and then Saturday turned into a "project day" as we prepared some food to freeze, finished some nursery projects and tidied up the house a bit so that when Nora gets home, mom and dad don't have to worry about too much.

As we ran around doing errands that day, we did sneak in a couple Goodwills. I know I've probably mentioned this before, but Omaha's GWs are all pretty posh, and really big, so I'm always excited to do a little thrifting when when visit Husker Nation. This time around, I picked up three things...

This gorgeous cream winter coat that, even though it's a smidge small, I'm tempted to keep.
But I won't...so if you're interested! :)

I'm starting to collect some cute dessert plates for vintage tea parties with Holly.

And I just couldn't pass up this fun polka dot dress, complete with a big black bow on the back. :)
Will be for sale, if you're interested!

And that's it! A small haul, but I love each piece to bits, so I'm a happy girl. How about you? Thrift any goodies this past weekend?

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  1. I love Omaha! I have family there, and always enjoy visiting. Great finds and congrats on the exciting news of the little one!

  2. Thanks, Jocie! I'm am learning to love it there the more I visit. It has several neat areas of town and some good food. And, of course, now my niece, which is all the reason I need. :)


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