Vintage Love :: BeatUp Creations

As the hubs (and anyone who has ever lived with me) can attest, I tend to lean toward the weird and quirky when it comes to decorating my home. I love it when people see decor that's somewhat strange and it startles or amuses them to a point where they can't help but comment on it. Usually I laugh right along, agreeing with whatever was said, but in the end reply, "I know, but I like it."

So when I saw the quirky, fun portraits painted onto discarded antique plates by Angela Rossi, the artist behind BeatUp Creations, I pretty much fell in love. Naturally, my favorites are the ones with animals heads painted onto human bodies, but I do love the lady with antlers coming out of her head, too. :)

What about you? Could you see any of these plates gracing the walls of your home? :)


  1. Molly Styles8/15/12, 11:56 AM

    i am seriously so obsessed with these.

    1. Me too, Molly. Maybe we should try making some of our own. Now those would be really weird... :)

  2. I really love the deer in the ornate frames but I am glad someone takes beautiful plates and does something creative with them! I have so many pretty plates at our shop but they sit there because nobody has a use for them anymore.

  3. Oh, the ostrich is hilarious! :)


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