Fav Freebie :: Halloween Libations Labels

Today begins the day that I start breaking into Halloween-themed things. Not that I have a bunch of them lined up to share; I'm just saying in general I deem this blog ready to start talking about what is most certainly my favorite holiday. I always put decorations up, even if we don't ever have anyone over to celebrate, and this year, now that we have that wonderful bar cart I salvaged from someone's trash pile, I'm loving these free libations labels from Cathe of Just Something I Made.

I spotted them in the recent issue of Country Living, and I really like that weathered vintage vibe Cathe gave them; kind of makes things a little extra creepy. And those bottles! I'm going to have my eyes peeled for some while I'm out and about on my thrifting adventures.

But what liquor to fill them with? I think I'll leave that up to the hubs. Maybe having some input in decorations for once will keep him from rolling his eyes when I bring out my glitter bats. :)

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  1. I too saw these in Country Living and I love them. I'm deciding whether or not to throw a Halloween party, but if I do, I am totally using these.


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