How Very Pinteresting...

So I've been trying to figure out a way to share the fun things I come across during the week, from recipes I want to try to outfits I like, and it seems like the easiest way to do it is to share what I've been pinning on Pinterest! If you haven't yet signed up for this website, well, you should. It's a great way to keep track of things that catch your eye as you're running amok on the web, and you see pictures of what you essentially bookmarked, instead of a list of URLs in your web browser.

Anyway...let's get to the good stuff!

Next time you see an abandoned dresser, you might want to snatch its drawers.

The shape and shades of these shoes (pictured above) are gorgeous!

A great way to offset your white iron headboard.

Love this playful pattern.

This font has me thinking of the birds and the bees!

Getting into bangles again, and would love to adorn my wrists with these bracelets.

These boots are made for...me. :)

Waiting for this unicorn cardigan to (hopefully) be restocked!

Shut your pie hole with one of these doughnuts.

A quick, easy and wonderfully whimsical idea for strips of paper.

The preppy, mountain woman in me wants this whole outfit.

Can't wait to try this style on my hair!

What have you found this week that's totally inspired you?

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