Parsimonia Gets Sweet!

Hey all! So I apologize for getting a little distracted from the blog the last couple days. I was so proud of myself, too! I felt like I was finally back on track with life after all our travels this summer, and then this week hit me like a truck! So many things are happening in the next three days: Holly and I will be at the Shrewsbury Fall Festival on Saturday (stop by and say hi!), Sunday is my birthday (hello, 29!) and Monday morning Holly and I are traveling to the Channel 2 studio to be on the Tim Ezell show (exciting, but I'm totally nervous!).

So, I hope you can understand that my mind (and brain power) has been elsewhere, but I didn't want to go into the weekend without sharing some more exciting news. I'm sure a lot of you crafty folk out there are familiar with the magazine Mollie Makes (if not, you need to check it out...it's awesome!). Well, the company that publishes MM contacted me several months ago and said they're launching an exciting new magazine called Sweet, all about "cakes, bakes and pretty makes," and they wanted to know if I'd share one of my Thrifted Kitchen recipes on it (of course!).

So thanks to my friend Kristi, we remade one of the cakes and shot it in my kitchen. Then I did a little Q&A with one of their writers, and the editor said my article is going to take up five pages (!!). The inaugural issue went on newsstands in the UK on Sept. 21, and they sent me a copy of the cover (above) and one of the articles to share with you all (below). Since you can't really read the text very well on the blog, click here and it will take you to a PDF that you can download.

Isn't this magazine dreamy and delicious?? Now I'm just waiting for them to send my copy across the pond so I can see everything else!


  1. Congrats! That's so exciting!

  2. I love MM and yet I did not know about this fab mag! Thanks for sharing and congrats on being in it!x


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