Snapshots From Austin

I wanted to start the day with some snapshots from our recent trip to Austin to visit the hubs's family. Our trip was two-fold: to celebrate Aunt Stef's wedding at a gorgeous ranch about 10 miles outside of town, and to meet our new niece, little Phoebe!

As always, we had a ton of fun, and I have to say this city is definitely on my list of favorites; there is always good music to be listened to, and amazing food, everything from vegan restaurants to food trucks to fine dining. We were lucky enough to experience both, as I finally got to try Elizabeth Street Cafe (and while we waited for a table I checked out an adorable boutique across the street, where I got a necklace I'll show you on Friday...). I fell in love with the restaurant from afar, mostly based on its website design and what looked like a wonderfully eclectic interior, and the real thing did not disappoint. I got a steaming bowl of pho filled with veggies and tofu that was delish, and next time I definitely want to check out their breakfast pastries and breads, all French and all looking scrumptious. As for the music, Saturday after the wedding we headed to the Long Center to listen to Del Castillo, a Latin rock band that was really good. And during the show, there was this gorgeous dancer doing all sorts of tumbling on a huge strip of fabric hung from the top of the center; it was really beautiful to watch.

There were also a couple rounds of relaxing in my sis-in-law's swimming pool with cervezas, an afternoon of thrifting, and on our last full day we slept in before heading to Kerbey Lane for late breakfast/brunch. I got a dish there that I can't wait to try and replicate at home; it involved two zucchini cakes topped with poached eggs, hollandaise and roasted cherry tomatoes (the tang of the tomatoes really set off all the creaminess of the dish). I also decided by the end of this meal that the hubs and I should start a Tex-Mex breakfast tacos cart that also had a huge vat of delicious queso, because we haven't really found either of those things since moving to St. Louis.

Once all was said and done, yesterday morning came much too soon, and after four visits now, we haven't even pushed past the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring all that Austin has to offer. Have any of you all been there? What are your favorite places to haunt?


  1. Nice photos. How did you create the design for them?

    1. Thank you, Carmen! All the elements came from Pugly Pixel (http://www.puglypixel.com), which is an amazing site for blog design tips and tutorials. She also has files you can purchase, and the instant photo frames I bought from her al a carte menu. The tape strips are from there as well, and I put it all together in Photoshop.


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