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Hello, hello! Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a relaxing three-day weekend. I love them, because then you have a shortened work week right after...it's like an extra bonus.


As you read this, we'll be on a plane (or hanging out in the airport), on our way back to St. Louis. I'll be sure and post some pictures of our adventures in Austin, but for now you'll just have to be content with some lovelies I thrifted while I was here. The hubs was a champ and drove me around Sunday afternoon. We went to a Goodwill, a Savers, Thrift Town and Family Thrift Center, and I must say I was a tad disappointed with the lack of vintage goods in these stores. I'm not ready to say that as a generalization about Austin thrift stores, because I most certainly am no expert on the area and might have just been in the wrong spots (so if any of you are locals and know where the good stuff is, I would love your advice!), but I think I saw all of two pieces of vintage clothing in all four stores. The hubs thinks it's because Austin is a fairly "young" town when it comes to demographics, which might be true (I don't know!), but maybe the tons of local vintage stores wipe out the thrift stores on a more regular basis.

In any case, I was able to find some things in housewares that I'm excited to bring home. Want to see?

A couple new belts for the upcoming fall fashion season.

Cute little vintage romper, complete with red fish bead.

A family of brass elephants.

A big herd of brass reindeer (hello, Christmas decs!)

Vintage apron #1...

Vintage apron #2 (another Christmas treasure).

Probably a good 6 yards of vintage fabric

More fabric and a couple vintage fabric napkins.

Some vintage sheets I picked up for (surprise, surprise) the fabric.

And four really pretty silk scarves.

Since I started reading that book about Vera Neumann, it has renewed my love of scarves (I used to wear them all the time in college). Now to figure out different ways to wear them...

How about you? Thrift any goodies this holiday weekend?


  1. Hello! What a lovely trip! I'm from ATX and the reason you didn't find anything is because estate sales are the rage and everything is bought up and then marked up to go in one of the million vintage stores in Austin. I recently moved to PHX and can't believe the selection and pricing here...way better. All that said, ATX has a special place in my heart as it is sooooo wonderful (minus the traffic).

    1. Ah-ha! Well that makes more sense then if estate sales are all the thing. Although I did check Estatesales.net while I was there and nothing much popped up! Is there another source to find the sales in Austin? And yeah, I figured with all the vintage stores there things would be pretty picked over. That's how it was in L.A., too, which makes me grateful for St. Louis, like you are for Phoenix!


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