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I've been wanting to do something a little more breakfast-y for The Thrifted Kitchen as of late, with the hopes of landing on something that makes me more motivated to partake in this most-important meal. I must confess, dear readers, that there are a lot of mornings that go by where I have nothing to eat before lunch. Okay, maybe a cup tea of...if I'm lucky. It's a terrible habit to have gotten into, but for the past few months sleeping in those extra 10-15 minutes has just been too irresistible!


There I was, standing in the kitchen, peeking into our walk-in pantry, which is quickly getting to the point of crazy when it comes to the amount of cookbooks and booklets and recipe card boxes I have crammed onto its shelves. With so much to sift through, and looking for such a specific course, I decided to crack open So Quick With New Bisquick, printed by Better Crocker in 1967.

First, we must address what "New Bisquick" is. According to the intro, this new formula used wheat flour to make it "finer and lighter." It also had "livelier leavening" for added fluff; real buttermilk solids for more flavor; more shortening; extra sugar; and, of course, some salt.

Now...I can't say I've ever really been a fan of this shortcut pancake/biscuit mix. I really only ever use it to make dumplings I drop on top of simmering stew in the winter time (thank you Grandma for teaching me that technique). But since I had some in the cupboard, I thought I'd give it another go.

I decided to make a super easy recipe called Butterfly Pancakes. You literally just make a regular pancake, slice it in half when it's cooked, and place the "wings" on either side of a sausage link (I, of course, used the frozen veggie sausage variety). Boom. Done.

But, since they were suppose to look like butterflies, I thought I'd add a little color with some food gels I had leftover from another recipe. I remember making a beautiful teal color once, so I went for it again, mixing the coloring into the batter after I had it measured into a 1/4 cup measuring cup. I thought they turned out pretty and whimsical, so I tried my luck with what was suppose to be a rose color, but it had a little too much red in it. Then I cooked it a bit too long, so the darker-winged one looks a little more muddled. The last one I tried was a swirly orange, but to me the end result looked like skin-colored ears, so I decided that batch wouldn't make it into the photos. :)

As far as taste, well, the end product was...edible. I added a bit more milk than the recipe called for so the cakes would be thinner, but it's just so hard to eat Bisquick pancakes after you've had really good homemade ones, or ones from a really good mix (yes, I know...I'm being a snob). So I might try this same thing with your favorite flapjack recipe, because the styling of the food is what this post is really all about.

Butterfly Pancakes
Courtesy of So Quick With New Bisquick, 1967
Yields 18 pancakes

Make the recipe for pancakes found on the back of the Bisquick box. To color, add drops of food coloring to batter already measured into a 1/4 cup measuring cup and mix until combined to your liking. Then pour onto hot griddle and cook according to directions.

To serve, cut each pancake in half. Place curved sides together to resemble a butterfly. Place a cooked sausage link in center for body.

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