Vintage Love :: Retro Typewriters Turned USB-Capable

At my first Soulard show this summer, a couple young ladies came in to the trailer to check out a vintage typewriter I have for sale. I asked them if they wanted to use it for crafty purposes, or just to embrace the old days of type-written letters, and they said they were collecting them to turn into keyboards for iPads.


I thought about this the other day, so I went online to see if they had started selling any, and while I didn't see anyone from St. Louis doing it, I did find a website called USD Typewriter (which I think is the original idea-hatcher), and its Etsy store, in which you can buy a kit that comes with instructions for how to turn your old typewriter into a keyboard for either your iPad or your desktop computer.

It does require a somewhat lengthy list of tools you'll need to do it, but I'm seriously thinking of putting the hubs to the task (sorry, hubs) with a beautiful aqua typewriter I was going to sell but can't quite get it to work.

Pretty neat, huh?


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