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Doesn't that have such a lovely 1960s horror film feel? Botanicus! Where all the plants have decided we've killed enough of them and are now taking over the world! Or maybe it's a futuristic one where we all gradually turn into plant people! I'd want to be the one that shoots poisonous darts...

For now, though, Botanicus is a trove of treasures for those of you who like vintage and antique botanical prints. I came across it last week while reading the Curbly blog, and when I found out it's through our very own Missouri Botanical Garden, I was thrilled! I always love it when a slice of St. Louis makes it's way into some of the big blogs.

It took me a little while to figure out how to navigate the site (I'm not the most tech-savvy, so save me the "You're an idiot" line if you get into the archive and have no problems), but what I found is easiest is to start at the Subject tab and click on one of the words that seems appealing, then click on one of the titles (the database is a digital archive of rare horticulture books), and then on the left you'll see an outline of said book, and the images (if there are some) are marked either "illustration," "Plate" or "Pl." That way you can avoid having to go page by page to find them, unless of course you want to read an account of foxglove and its medical uses.

If you find an image you like, you'll have to download the PDF of the whole text to get it. There is a download button that runs across the bar just above the scanned images, so click that and save it to your desktop. Then you can print whichever pages you want!

Now go crazy!

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  1. Ooo, what a good tip! I would definitely use this for cute and easy art around the house. :)


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