Style Spots :: Austin Adventure, Part 2

If you read the last How Very Pinteresting post, you learned that the hubs and I got a nasty stomach virus after Thanksgiving. I was out all day Friday, and him on Saturday. So while he ailed on the couch, I took advantage of a more settled stomach and a desire to get some fresh air and did a little thrifting around town.

Last time we went south of the city, so this time I headed north, stopping at Goodwills and Salvation Armies on the way to Round Rock, hoping I'd find some hidden gems, and while all the stores were stocked nicely, I didn't find much vintage. I'd been told before that estate sales are the way to go, but it was the weekend after a holiday, so there really weren't many.

But enough whining, I say! I did find these four things, which I'm very excited about:

A beautiful red American Tourister bag, which has already sold.

Two vintage pillowcases.

Some pant/skirt hangers for Holly.

And a Greek/Roman bust! She isn't marked, so I'm just going to say it's Athena.
And she's the perfect mat for...

Hermes! I've had him for ages, thrifted in college in St. Joseph, Mo. And they even
face the right directions! It's like they're already in love...

The biggest question is whether or not to spray paint her silver to match him, or spray them both another color all together. What do you think?

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  1. how about spray painting them brass? I collect vintage pants hangers too. so useful for hanging artwork!


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