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Happy day before Thanksgiving, all! I'm sure a lot of you are working half days, or doing some last-minute grocery shopping in preparation for tomorrow's festivities, right? I myself have a pie to make (this one from last year that I loved so much), but I'm really looking forward to all the delicious dishes that are sure to be at the table tomorrow because the hubs's family is full of talented cooks.

But before all the fun begins, I thought I'd drop in fresh from our road trip to Austin and share some of the thrifted goodies I found this weekend. My friend Chelsie and I embarked on some half-price shopping on Sunday, going from Bellefontaine to Creve Coeur to Fenton and back toward the city. The first sale was great and we picked up some fun stuff, but the next two were kind of a bust. Then we stopped at Value Village, which also left us empty-handed (a rare occurrence there), but it was nice to actually go around with someone for a change (especially when they buy you a pastry from Whole Foods...yum!). :)

Here is what I brought home...

This pillow I got mid-last week while out thrifting. I love, love, love it!

A really pretty brown leather purse with a built-in mirror under the flap, for the store.

Some green floral fabric napkins, for the store.

A cute little drawing of a sleeping lion with some really long hair. :)

Some vintage Christmas gift tags.

Some vintage ribbon.

A bag of small wooden bowling pins that were given as little awards. I know these could be cute if they're repainted, but I can't settle on an idea. What do you think?

And a family portrait that I bought for the frame. Although I guess I could keep them in it, but it would weird me out...like a lot. :)

Your turn! Find any goodies this past week that you'd like to share? Would love to hear about it!


  1. I love the bowling pins. Just discovered your blog-love your style!

    1. Hey Julia! Thanks for stopping by! I'm excited to give some of those pins a little makeover! We'll see what happens! :)

  2. I have all of my grandma's little bowling trophies like that!! Haven't figured out what to do with them. Thought about fashioning them into a lamp base.

    1. That's a neat idea! I am still turning over ideas in my head, but visions of them painted in some kind of neon color keep flooding my mind! :)

  3. That lion hung in my childhood bedroom, been looking for a pic of it for years. Brought tears to my eyes. Love him! Thanks for posting.


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