Style Spots :: Grand-Opening Gems

This past Friday, my mom and I ventured out to Ballwin to check out a new Red Racks thrift store that's settled itself there. It was the store's grand-opening weekend, so sales were abundant, plus it's always exciting when a new thrift comes to town.

The store itself is quite large, and we had a grand time (haha) going through the shelves and racks of goodies. I found some great stuff for the store, which I'll share later this week, but here's what I kept for myself...

I mean...what girl of the 80s could pass up these sheets (which were brand new, by the way)?

I also found a brand new vintage king-size Vera fitted sheet for our bed, which I am over the moon about. 

Two vintage floral pillowcases.

And a bright yellow belt.

I also did a little Christmas shopping yesterday at some antique malls, and came across this little guy, who will join his other ceramic farm friends in the kitchen. I've never seen the rooster before, so I was very excited to spot him on a shelf!

And I forgot to post this find from last week's adventures in estate sales...

I've been wanting a Blendo set for the summertime for a while now, and this one was half off. Now I can pick up those lonely glasses I see at thrifts all the time to even out the set!

Did you all go on any thrifting adventures this weekend? What goodies did you find?


  1. Whooaa new NKOTB sheets? That's awesome! You always find great goodies. :)

    I went estate sale-ing this weekend and got some great stuff, but best of all I finally found my dream draft table! I've been wanting one for ages.

    1. Nice! I thought about you this weekend and wondered how your treasure hunting went! Where did you find the table??


    I'm so cool.


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