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Is anyone else in St. Louis excited about this 70-degree weekend we're going to have?? I know I am, especially since I'll be hanging out in Missouri wine country tomorrow (where I hope to see your smiling, boozy faces!). As for today, as promised, I'm here to show you some of the vintage clothing I've selfishly kept for myself over the past few weeks.

As lovers of vintage, I know you know how difficult it can be to find something that fits your every curve, so when I come across such pieces, I make a deal with myself: If I don't wear it enough in 6 months to justify keeping it, then it goes to the trailer. So maybe you'll see one of these pieces someday while you peruse Holly's rack (haha)...but don't cross those fingers just yet. :)

This is beyond a doubt my new favorite dress (you can see a pick of me wearing it on Instagram).
That bow in the middle, well, it's just too cute.

I bought this beauty as a treat for myself when we took our road trip. I found it at a
consignment store in Park City, Utah. Just needs a little taking in at the waist.

A nice brown plaid skirt for the fall and winter. It's high-waist, which I love, and goes
with my favorite vintage brown boots.

If you went to my show in O'Fallon (Mo.) or to Craftoberfest, then you saw me wearing this little gem. It fits like a glove, and I love the rustic/prairie feel it has.

I found this skirt in Cheyenne (and one just like it in a solid red color). The waist is high and the skirt is shorter and full, which makes for a awkward situation on windy days (I learned this from experience, folks).

Here is a close-up of the print, which says "peace" and "love" and has little hearts (all in gold).

And, lastly, this purple/pink plaid skirt, which is a twin of the one above, and I love it for all the same reasons. :)

Have y'all found any fun vintage clothing lately that you just couldn't help but keep for yourself? What's your favorite retro piece?


  1. Oh my godddd that floral print dress is so so perfect! I would've lost it if I had been lucky enough to find that baby!

    1. When I tried this one, it was one of those things where your eyes light up and you know you just have to have it! :) I need to get it to the seamstress down the way this week so I can hopefully wear it for Thanksgiving!


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