Snapshots From the Weekend

Whew! What a weekend for me and Holly! We had SO much fun hanging out on Cherokee Friday night and Saturday morning for the Cherokee Print League Holiday Sale (and preview party), and, as always, had a great time up in North City for the Holidays in Old North Winter Festival. This was our first time doing multiple events in one day, and as a result I've got packing up and setting up again down to a science, especially since we figured out the clothing rack can fit into the trailer without having to break it down (nice).

My favorite part of the weekend though was the conversations. I was so glad to see some familiar faces from shows past, catch up with former classmates, and meet lots of new people who love vintage as much as I do. The local artist/small business community is just so stellar here, and it's so encouraging to see people come together who really care about this town and supporting each other's dreams. I'm so honored to be part of it in a small way!

I was also happy to be parked next to our good friend Lisa and her trailer of scrumptious tea blends, and finally remembered my real camera so I could snap some nighttime shots of our setup (and then some during the day. Want to see?

Note to self: Find some new angles to take pictures of Holly...and new subjects. Ha. :)

In case you missed seeing us, we'll be parked outside the Regional Arts Commission on Delmar this Saturday for the Artropy craft show. It'll be from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with complimentary wine, beer and soda (so come get tipsy and spend some monies). Tenth Life Cat Rescue will also be on location with some cute kitties up for adoption, so get your petting fingers prepared. :)

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