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After I have an event (or in the case of this past weekend, two) on Saturdays, I always tell myself I'm going to take it easy on Sunday. You know, stay in bed late, make breakfast, stay in my pajamas until noon. But the call of estate sales always lures me from under the covers. I can hear the things that have yet to find a home calling to me, and this Sunday was no different, and I eventually made my way to one in the early afternoon, where I found some vintage Christmas goodies for our decorations this year and some other things for the shop...

Some pretty peach ornaments for our aluminum tree.

A gold glitter reindeer.

Some gorgeous navy heels in practically un-used condition, for sale. (Size 7 1/2)

Two vintage purses, both for sale.

A box of red silk ornaments, which have found a home on the dining table.

A box of vintage tinsel garland, which I've turned into six wreaths (I'll share more on Friday).

Two beautiful vintage wallets, for sale.

A Vera pillowcase.

And a ceiling medallion, of which I hope to accumulate more for that DIY I know we've all seen
where you paint them different shades and hang them in a group on the wall.

How about you guys and gals? Find anything good this past week?


  1. "Why only 'til noon? Why not all day?", I ask you.

    But then I see those shoes, and I realize that it was all worth it.

    Kudos :)

    1. Haha...I know! I bailed early, but I was so tired! And yeah, at least I got those shoes out of it! :)

  2. Keep wishing I would stumble upon vintage ornaments myself! Happy holidays. :-)

    1. They are difficult to find! And when you do, they are marked up so high! I think we should keep our eyes peeled this spring/summer. :)


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