Style Spots: For Me

You ever have one of those weeks where you just detach from technology for a while and spend your time a little more creatively? I've really been feeling that part of my leisure time slip through the cracks (heck, leisure time in general has been almost non-existent), so this week I've been working on some DIY projects (a new coffee table from something old, and a new piece of art for the living room), and picking up a new hobby: needlepoint.

The latter was actually inspired by this great book I found at a thrift store this past weekend that has really great picture diagrams of all kinds of stitches — perfect for a visual learner like me. Me, my friend Jessica and my mom also went to an estate sale that Saturday, as well as three other thrift stores (!!!), so after finding some goodies for me and you, I was ready for a nap by the time I got home.

Here is what I brought home...

Some rubber rings for my blue Ball jars, which means I'll be ready for canning this summer!

A set of 4 red number Morgan glasses. Love the design.

Some books to get my needlework on point. (Get it? Ha...)

Two toll paintings on layered glass. I have a set of these in our bedroom that my grandmother painted, and I love the depth they have.

I feel in love with the pattern of this plate (especially as a serving piece). I wish the store would have had more!

Beautiful Vera Neumann linen napkins with pink butterflies. (Swoon.)

A Japanese bowl for my tea party ware and a bright yellow Pyrex mixing bowl.

A cute owl planter that will be paint a new bright color.

Blue polka dot gloves. Nuff said. :)

Two vintage '60s sconces. Those of you who have been in Holly might remember that I have a very similar one right inside the door. Now I have two spares in case shoppers go a little crazy. :)

And a pretty vintage-y Lauren Conrad dress, which, by the way, I love her stuff. You can find it at Kohl's and a lot of the pieces have that modern vintage flair.

What goodies did you find this weekend?


  1. Ooo, great finds!! Swooning over the Vera napkins, the polka-dot gloves, and the LC dress. I have a bunch of her dresses, love them too!

  2. Those sconces are a lovely find! And I have that exact same Reader's Digest needlework book from my childhood. :-)


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