Style Spots For Me

Happy Friday, m'dears! I'm checking in from the lovely city of Omaha, where we're spending the day watching my little niece Nora, who is already almost 6 months old (and our other little one, Phoebe, just turned 6 months!). It's amazing how quickly they're growing up!

But while baby sleeps, I thought I'd pop in and share some fun things with you today. First up, are the deliciously vintage items I scooped up last weekend via estate sales and thrift stores. I know I missed sharing things from the weekend before last when I visited Springfield, and of course forgot to photograph them this week, but I'll remember one of these days. :)

Then be sure to pop back in throughout the day to see some newly listed items in the store (Style Spots for you!!) and the almost-finished, newly revamped living room, complete with a black-and-white striped wall.

That's right, it's an unprecedented three posts in one day! Clearly I'm going loco! :)

Here's what I snatched up for me this past weekend:

Some black-and-white fabric that pretty much mimics our newly painted wall. I'm going to make some pillow covers from it to help tie things in together.

A really cute vintage milk glass tiered stand for the vintage tea parties we're going to start hosting this spring!

Some short red cowboy boots that I just love. I've really been embracing the dress/sweater tights/cowboy boots combo this winter.

A vintage orange Melmac set with cups, bowls and saucers. I'm starting to gather pieces for the vintage picnics we'll be throwing this summer!

Some beautiful floral teacups for the tea parties...

And some dessert/appetizer plates to go with them...

And a pretty platter to top it all off! :)

Your turn! What goodies did you find this past weekend during your thrifting adventures? Feel free to link to your thrifting blog posts below, or leave a comment and tell us all what you found that will make us soon with envy! :)

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