Happy Easter!

Happy, happy Easter all! Isn't this photo hilarious? Quite an Easter Bunny, I must say. :) We're getting all packed up and ready for our trip tomorrow, and me being the bad blogger that I am, I didn't really pre-write any posts to publish while I'm gone. So, during the next 17 days, I'm challenging myself with a little photo-a-day action.

Since we'll have access to wifi every day in our hotel rooms, I thought I'd post one photo each day that captures my favorite moment (or just a very telling one of what that day was like!), so you all can kind of travel along with us. I definitely have my eye on some flea markets in Paris and London, so you can be sure there will be some vintage in there! :)

Have a great time celebrating the rest of this wonderful holiday! I hope you're spending it with family and friends and experiencing much, much love today.

(Photo source.)

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