Sadie's 6th Birthday!

Yes...I am one of those pet parents. I buy my dog presents on holidays; bake her puppy cakes; and this year go to the local party supply store, buy a giant silver number six that's three times as big as she is, and then bribe her with copious amounts of treats to pose for her birthday portrait, for which I set up an actual color-themed backdrop of sorts.

This is who I am.

And I like it. :)

I thought some of you animal-lovers out there might like it, too, so I'm sharing some snapshots of Sadie's big day. I'm sure to her it was just like any other, except more annoying...because of who I am.

Oh, and the cute little two-tiered cake? Sadie looooooved it. I got the recipe from Pretty Fluffy, which is definitely my new favorite dog blog. Be sure and give it a gander for lots of ideas on how to pamper your fuzzy sons and daughters!


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