Style Spots For Me!

Well you sure wouldn't know it's spring if you looked outside my window today! St. Louis had an intense encounter with Winter Storm Virgil this weekend, part of which we drove home in yesterday on our way back from Kansas City. I was SO happy to get home after a fairly slow drive among some scary-stupid drivers, snuggle up under a blanket and watch some March Madness. Now, according to the weather report, it's suppose to be in the lower 60s this coming weekend. Go figure.

And since I certainly don't feel like cleaning off our truck and venturing out today, I thought it would be nice to play a little catchup on the blog! I haven't done much thrifting in the past several weeks as we prepare to leave the country on our overseas excursion, but I have done some. Both were quick stops at estate sales that yielded some gems, both for me and Holly. Here is what I brought home for me...

A couple vintage metal trays, some wax for canning (I am determined to do some this summer!), a little floral saucer, and a small milk glass pedestal container.

A set of three brand-new silicone baking mats.

Two pristine hard suitcases in cream and brown. The brown one still has the tags on it!

A vintage picnic basket.

Two vintage pot holders in red and white for our red-white-and-teal kitchen.

And a vintage wool plaid blanket to go with that picnic basket!

How about you all! Have you been able to get out and thrift anything awesome in the past couple weeks?


  1. Those suitcases are lovely; the blue lining is just so fun!

  2. I passed up a great wool blanket because of the dreaded mothball smell. Advice on that? Is it as simpleas washing it and air freshening your car?

  3. Fun finds!!! Love the suitcases especially. Butting in- Danavee, in my experience the best solution for mothball smell is to roll the item in tons of newspaper- make sure the paper is in all of the crevices and surrounding the item. Then put the newspaper-rolled item in a paper sack and wait at least a week. The stronger the smell, the longer you need to wait. I had a few dresses that I had to leave in for a couple of months but it did the trick!


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