Style Spots...For Me!

So I'm just going to come right out and say that I'm not really sure that the following is all I've spotted for myself since the last such post. I know most of it is from this past weekend, with a couple things from, honestly, I don't know how long ago. When I look around the house and in my den of hoarder-dom (otherwise known as my "craft space,"), I just can't quite remember what is a new find and what is an old.

So either my brain is in serious need of some memory games to help keep it fresh, or my collecting over the winter has reached an alarming level. I'm going to treat myself diplomatically and say it's somewhere in the middle. :)

This past weekend, the hubs and I ventured to my college-day stomping grounds (and the city where he and I met), Columbia, Mo., for the True/False Film Festival. We watched some great films, hung out with friends (including Ruth Acuff, who is going to perform at the Spring Fling in May!), ate some Shakespeare's pizza, and right before we headed back, I convinced the hubs to let me pop into the new Goodwill.

I don't know if I've ever told you guys about my extensive experience with said nonprofit company. I've worked at one in St. Louis (summer after my first year of college), was an assistant manager at the old one in Columbia (which is now a Jo-Ann's), and assistant manager at one in Santa Monica. Anyway, I was sad to see that my old home away from home was no longer, and that its successor is a shiny new freestanding building further east. I don't know about you other thrifters out there, but I miss the old grimy Goodwills that used to be around, where you knew as soon as you walked in that this was going to be a digging adventure. It's part of the thrill of the hunt, right? Now you walk in and everything is new and super organized and it's like shopping at a TJ Maxx or something. I don't know...maybe I'm just old and cranky in this my 30th year. :)

All this to say I did find a couple things for Holly during that stop in CoMo, but nothing for me. What I share today comes from a couple estate sales I managed to fit in over the past couple weekends (I think...sigh).

A pair of gold filigree-style earrings, and some pale purple ones.

Some Vera Neumann pink tulip fabric napkins.

A really large piece of this plaid fabric in one of my favorite color palettes. Picnic, anyone?

A little bag of fabric that I got for the faux quilted one...

And then I opened the navy one and saw this amazing vintage bathing suit pattern in the making...
Methinks I might try and finish it for myself. :)

A lovely old beat-up suitcase, great for storage and/or a display piece in the trailer.

Two white glass mugs with a delicate red rose pattern on them.

And a giant bag full of old yarn, which I am over the moon about.
I have lots in the works involving such craft supplies. :)

How about you lads and ladies out there? What goodies did you dig up this past weekend (or whenever...clearly I'm chronologically challenged!).

Also...just putting this out there: Would you all be interested in doing a thrifted finds link party here each week? I've often thought it would be fun for us all to see a photo grid of finds and be able to click through to read about it. What do you think? Should we start one up next week?


  1. Hi Beth...Love the old suitcase and the swimming suit pattern...also the pinwheel fabric~ ♥

  2. I would love to link up on your site, so I'd definitely be in!

    Any word on when the Spring Fling vendors will be announced? I'm anxious :)

    1. I'll be letting everyone know either way by March 13!

  3. I'm with Cathy - love the suitcase and the swimming suit pattern! Haha, I also call my vintage item storage zone my "craft room." More like fire/tripping hazard room.

    1. Haha...so true! If I can even see the futon in my room, I consider it a good day. :)


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