An Exciting Announcement!

After a month of negotiations, followed by several weeks of demolition behind doors and windows covered with brown paper, I'm ready to let you all in on Parsimonia's next big step! As you can see by the illustration above (created by the incredibly talented Michelle of Creature Type), I'm opening a brick-and-mortar store! (Yay!).

Doors will hopefully open in early August at 3194 S. Grand in Tower Grove, in between the barber shop and Absolutli Goosed, and across from Gelateria del Leone and Pho Grand. We'll also be diagonal from Rocket Century, which, if you love mid-century and you live in St. Louis, you probably already know about. So shoppers will be able to stop by Parsimonia for vintage clothing, vintage accessories and vintage home decor; then hop across the street for your MCM fix; then head a couple blocks down to The Upcycle Exchange for vintage crafty materials!

Now that I've let you in on this exciting secret, be prepared for lots of photos on Facebook and Instagram of our renovation progress (we've been taking down two drop ceilings that have been covering a beautiful tin one for 30 years!).

Oh, and don't think that Holly will be putting up her hitch! We'll still be bringing vintage love all over St. Louis streets, at special events and an up-and-coming mobile mall in the South Grand Business District. And she'll of course still be available for private shopping appointments and parties!

Needless to say, I'm all kinds of nervous and excited, and I hope to see you all come through our new doors in the days that lie ahead! :-)


Cheers to Three Years!

Three years ago today I married an amazing man. You all know him as "The Hubs," but today, I think I'll give him a break and actually use his name. :-) Collin is, quite simply, the love of my life, and the reason I am able to reach for the stars. He is a good man. A smart man. A strong man. And the best partner I could imagine for myself.

This morning I was looking at our wedding photos, and it's a strange thing to look at a snapshot of yourself from the past, knowing what the future holds. A mere six months after these pictures were taken we moved back to the Midwest, and since then have both started new businesses; reconnected with old friends (and made new ones); went to Guatemala, Paris, London and Dublin; became godparents to two amazing little guys; became aunt and uncle to two beautiful little girls; and we still have so many dreams to try and grasp!

So here is to all that may come in the next three years. I wouldn't want to travel down that path with anyone else. :-)


Spring Fling Recap

Last month I organized a vintage show in St. Louis called Spring Fling in the City. It was held in the beautifully restored Crown Square; the weather (save some strong winds every now and again) cooperated; the music was awesome (thanks to TSV Sound & Vision, Ruth Acuff and Bruiser Queen!); the vendors brought some amazing vintage and handmade items; and lots of people came (thanks to the RFT, KDHX and vendors!).

It really made my heart happy to see so many people in that area, which has done such a great job of trying to lift itself up from the stereotypes that plague North City. The local businesses got some great exposure (and hopefully new return customers), and I overheard a lot of conversations that involved phrases like, "Wow! I never knew all this was up here!" and "What a great area!"

Those are music to my ears for my first time getting an event of this size together, and after talking with some of the locals, the vendors and shoppers, it seems like everyone is in favor of making it a yearly thing. So if you missed it this year, make sure to keep those calendars marked for May 2014, baby! :-)

In the meantime, I wanted to share some of the photos that Courtney of Courtney Patch Photography took for me that day. To see the whole album, go check out the new Parsimonia Flickr page!

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