Cheers to Three Years!

Three years ago today I married an amazing man. You all know him as "The Hubs," but today, I think I'll give him a break and actually use his name. :-) Collin is, quite simply, the love of my life, and the reason I am able to reach for the stars. He is a good man. A smart man. A strong man. And the best partner I could imagine for myself.

This morning I was looking at our wedding photos, and it's a strange thing to look at a snapshot of yourself from the past, knowing what the future holds. A mere six months after these pictures were taken we moved back to the Midwest, and since then have both started new businesses; reconnected with old friends (and made new ones); went to Guatemala, Paris, London and Dublin; became godparents to two amazing little guys; became aunt and uncle to two beautiful little girls; and we still have so many dreams to try and grasp!

So here is to all that may come in the next three years. I wouldn't want to travel down that path with anyone else. :-)


  1. Congrats on three years! :)

  2. Congrats! May you have a lifetime more anniversaries! Your weddding pics are lovely!

  3. Congratulations to you both! Life is so much more fulfilling when you find that perfect person to share it with. The photo of you and Collin on Instagram is fabulous!


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