Parsimonia Gets "Framed"

Whew. I tell ya what, friends. I am s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g this afternoon. Last night, Holly and I ventured out to Craftoberfest to sell our vintage goods, and I think I officially have a hangover from the amount of fun we had (okay...and maybe the beer I consumed). :-)

It was (and always is) incredibly awesome to meet so many new people, including those of you who follow Parsimonia on Facebook and Instagram (so nice to put some faces with handles!). So thank you to those of you who were able to come out and support small local biz. I hope you had a stupendously dumb amount of fun!

Some of you might remember a couple photos I posted some weeks ago involving a photo shoot with another local business, Indie Mats. The ladies behind this company have created something I think is really smart and really cute to boot. They're called "Framers," and it's basically very thick framing mats that you put photos into, but they're printed with all these beautiful modern designs (including some of Amy Butler's!) and come with double-sided sticky squares that you use to hang them on the wall, sans an actual frame.

Anywho...Emma, one of the founders, contacted me about using Holly as a prop to shoot their new line, and we also used some spots in the new brick-and-mortar store. We started the early in the morning at a spot in Forest Park to take some photos with the trailer, which I think turned out cute!

Then we took a small break and met up at the Parsimonia store, where we arranged some frames above the mantel in the lounge area, on clothing racks, ladder displays and lots more. I was even wrangled in there for some shots. Luckily, I was wearing one of my favorite new vintage dresses. :-)

Of course, Sadie had to get in on the action. She's such a camera...well, you know the rest. ;-)

Emma even created a cute little slideshow video documenting the fun had that day. Check it out!

Peek behind Framers first photo shoot from Indie Mats on Vimeo.

Be sure and pop over to the Indie Mats site when you get a chance and scope out their new line. Would be a great way to gift some sweet snapshots of friends and family! I, personally, fell in love with the colorful honeycomb pattern, and the Amy Butler florals.

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  1. Love these frames!! THANK YOU for sharing! Great Christmas presents.


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