Red Velvet + New Arrivals

Earlier this week I made the trek down to Springfield, Mo., for the Red Velvet estate sale. Those of you who, like me, are fans of the A Beautiful Mess blog and the sisters who run it, can appreciate the combination of excitement and bittersweet that enveloped the day. Excited to be taking home a piece of that beautiful vintage store, and sad that it will no longer be there once this weekend is over.

But, the happy end of the story is those ladies have a ton of fun projects in the works, and these pieces they're passing along will go on to homes and bring joy to vintage-lovers. I was excited to find some stuff to bring back to the Parsimonia Store, and I also did some thrifting in the smaller towns sprinkled throughout the route between St. Louis and Springfield. So... I thought it'd be fun to start posting photos each week of the new arrivals to the store, and that's what we're doing today!

Keep in mind that I have a big pile of goodies that need some minor mending that also came from Red Velvet, so that's how I'll be spending my upcoming day off. :-) Stay tuned next week for those arrivals!

I also brought a couple souvenirs home from Red Velvet; one thing to use as a display piece, and another just for fun.

The former is the top ladder you see in this picture, which really allowed me to expand the usefulness of the two ladders I already had in there (and help put those purses on display more!)

And the latter (not ladder, mind you!), are the wooden "Mad Men" signs the girls had hanging on the ends of some dress racks at Red Velvet that held outfits the lady characters of said TV show would probably wear. I put them over the bar cart in the back of the store to add to the "happy place" vibe.

But back to the goods...feel free to contact me (secondhandwithstyle(at)gmail(dot)com or call the store at 314-282-5201) if you have any questions about specific pieces in this post, or come on by and see 'em in person at 3194 S. Grand in Tower Grove! We're open Friday and Saturday 11-8; Sunday 12-5; and Wednesday and Thursday 11-7!

Laters! :-)


  1. I've been waiting for this post!!!!!!!!!! So wish I could have made the sale. I'm sure tomorrow will be quite picked over.

    1. Well I think it's worth a go anyway! The second floor was quite packed with things, but it was all in random piles and boxes and I didn't have any energy left to go through them. But there were still a lot of clothes and purses and shoes, etc. up there, so you might find some treasures!


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