Online Store Updates

Hello, my lovelies! Well, I might have missed out on Cyber Monday, but I've been working my no-so-little buns off that past week to get the Parsimonia online vintage store back into shape, and wanted to let you know to start checking it again for regular updates of new merch.

And...AND...as a treat to my non-St. Louis shoppers, I'll be letting the new arrivals get settled online for a couple days before I put them out in the store. That way y'all get a chance to snatch it up first, which is my way of say "thanks" for being a fan even though you're far away! ;-)

The newest items will always be listed at the top, and checkout is through PayPal, so once you get to that point, it'll send you over there to finish your purchase, much like they do over at Etsy!

Right now I have approximately 30 items on there (hee-hee), but loads and loads more will start making an appearance over the next several days. So keep checking back!!

Have a great rest of your week!


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