Calcium Hardness Increaser Substitute

Calcium Hardness Increaser Substitute
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Calcium Hardness Increaser Substitute

Just as the total pH and alkalinity level act as determinants of a balanced pool, so is disintegrated calcium. People commonly know it as water hardness. When the calcium level of water is low, that pool water is said to be soft. When the levels are high, that water is regarded as hard water. If both calcium levels occur in your pool, it can be disastrous and cause problems to the pool, but today we’re going to look at how we can increase your pool’s calcium level.

What are the causes of soft water?

The main reason the calcium level of your pool becomes low is when water with few minerals is added to the pool. This water can enter your pool through;

Local water source: This usually has a lower level of calcium than your swimming pool water

Melted rain or snow: Allowing this type of water to get into your pool can cause a decrease in the level of calcium in your pool.

What calcium hardness increaser substitute works best?

The use of calcium chloride works best in raising the calcium hardness of your pool. You can apply this calcium hardness increaser substitute by following these steps

  • Test the calcium level of your pool to determine the current level. Take note of the level and find out the quantity in parts per million to stabilize the calcium level.
  • Add the required calcium chloride quantity to increase and stabilize the water hardness.  Add the calcium chloride according to the instructions on the label that fit your pool’s size.
  • You are not required to dilute the product in the water before adding it to your pool. Instead, pour it in if it’s in liquid form or spread it in the water if it’s in powdery form. Start by adding a small amount and testing to see the level before adding more.
  • After six hours of adding the product, carry out another test on your pool.


You can use calcium chloride as an effective calcium hardness increaser substitute to increase the water hardness of your pool using this step by step guide.

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