What Month Should I Open My Pool?

What Month Should I Open My Pool
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What Month Should I Open My Pool?

Spring is fast approaching, and you might be wondering whether it is the right time to open your swimming pool or wait for the summer. First, I would recommend you open your facility in late March toward early April. But it might not be the right month to open your pool yet, so continue reading to find out when you should open your facility, depending on your location.

When to Open Your Swimming Pool

There is no one month or date that I can tell you to open your pool. It usually varies from state to state, so the best thing you can do is to keep an eye on the weather. 

The ideal time to remove that cover is when the temperature in your location hits 70-degrees for a couple of days. Although this temperature is not right for swimming, it can easily create the ideal condition for algae development.  

It can even get worse if you use a mesh pool cover since the water will get enough sunlight. Another issue with the rising temperature is the possibility of pollen getting into your pool. 

Luckily, running your pool’s pump and filter can easily prevent the two problems.

Opening Non-Heated Vs. Heated Pools

It doesn’t matter whether you have a heated or a non-heated swimming pool; the factors that determine when you should open your pool are the same. However, the 70-degree can only be the maintenance weather of a pool without a heating system while it can be swim weather for a pool that has heating units.

With that said, you shouldn’t open your pool earlier just because you can heat the water because snow and freezing temperatures can affect the heating system.  Wait for the temperature to remain constant at 70-degrees no matter the pool you have.

Reasons to Open Your Pool Earlier 

When you are confident that the temperature can only get higher than the 70-degree in the next few days, it is time to open your pool. And here are some of the reasons why you should open it sooner rather than waiting for the temperature to rise higher.

  • Money – One reason why people don’t open their pool at the right time is the thought of running it when they cannot swim. However, the pools have become cheaper to operate, meaning that the only cost that can hurt your pocket is the chemical expenses.  
  • Algae – You love warmer temperatures, so do algae. The sunlight can start to reach the water when the temperature gets to about 70-degrees, creating the right conditions for algae development. Open your pool sooner to find a cleaner pool that will require fewer chemicals to treat.
  • Kids – Who likes the constant questions that the kids ask when the summer starts? Can we go swimming? It would give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be bothered by that question when the temperature heats the peak.
  • Improved aesthetic – Your pool can make your yard look more attractive when the cover is off than when it is on. Take advantage of that by opening your pool sooner.

It Will Save You Money, Time, and Headache

Opening your pool earlier can save you money, time, and headache if you prevent algae development. Check the temperature daily, and if it hits the 70-degree mark, open your pool. 

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